$20,000 Income from 1 Local Client in 5 Years

Looking at this total on my accounting reports caught me off-guard. It’s a lesson in the power of recurring revenue.

It’s hard to imagine quoting a one-time project for $20,000. That’s a considerable time investment and lots of stress.

Working with clients long-term under a monthly package structure (no contract) is much more desirable for both parties.

We view the website as an ongoing project that doesn’t have an end date, and they get the value of keeping up with current trends.

For that cost, we’ve gone through 3 distinct phases to their website:

  • Simple brochure layout using HTML/CSS only
  • New design on WordPress
  • Adding mobile responsiveness

Because of this constant activity, they’ve been rewarded with an increase in Google traffic every year.

Building a long-term relationship with your top clients is the best way to get out of the rut of always seeking small projects.

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