99% of People Don’t Do This (& It’s a BIG Mistake)

My 3 favorite sources of learning are podcasts, books, and videos.

Years ago, I was only interested in tactics. What is the best tool? How do I tweak the design? How do I automate this?

A major shift occurred when I started following people that have similar values and principles. This gave me a broader perspective of how to approach my business, even if the lessons learned weren’t directly from a skill such as web design.

Check out the chart below of “Influence Level vs. the # of Mentors”. People who jump around from person-to-person (the bottom chart) never get a clear vision. However, when you pick people who are like you, but at a higher level, you can imitate them and also use their personal recommendations to find your lower-level mentors.

Here’s the thing 99% of people miss – you gain ENORMOUS value from re-visiting your favorite content over and over again. Most people will let a book collect dust after they finish it.

There are some podcast episodes I’ve listened to 10x because every time I go back there is something I missed the first time. There is a new wrinkle I can put into action. This happens because our circumstances change over time, and we need different advice today than what we were looking for 6 months ago.

I love the Kindle because I have the ability to re-read all my notes from the most impactful books. These PDF notes are available to you as a bonus within the premium membership!

My top “virtual mentors” include:

  • Tim Ferriss
  • Jocko Willink
  • James Altucher

WHY: They value simplicity, minimalism, discipline, creativity, effectiveness, efficiency. All things that are directly related to success working for yourself.

My #1 motivation is to connect in the same way with subscribers like you and pass on the knowledge.

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