Google’s 4 Best Website Management Tools

How Google works is something I explain to website clients, plus curious friends & family.

You’ll get an understanding of what’s going on and why it can be chaotic to track online performance for a local business website.

Google Advertising Results

Google always serves advertisements first – this is how they make money!

As shown in the image below, you aren’t only competing with local companies.

Nationwide websites like HomeAdvisor, Houzz, Home Depot, Sears and more have the budget to consistently appear.

Your ads are managed through the Google Ads platform.

Google Map Results

For local results only, look to the map.

Google usually shows real businesses within a 5-10 mile radius.

To get listed here, you must verify your physical business via postcard or phone #.

This is where reviews are the most important to your success. People may call you WITHOUT ever browsing your website.

Your map listing is managed through the Google Business platform, where they show how many calls and website visits you get.

Google Website Results

Lastly, you’ll see the “organic” website-only results.

This section is reserved for the top performing websites which can show in a wider area compared to the map results.

As I always mention, the #1 factor towards improvement here is having OTHER websites link to yours (i.e. local sponsorship or partners). It acts as a vote of confidence that tells Google you are active in your community.

If you show up in all 3 sections, you will have a major advantage over your competitors.

You can manage your performance here from the Google Search Console platform.

Your Website Activity

Once someone clicks-through and lands on your website, all user activity is tracked by the Google Analytics platform.

This is where you can measure how many visitors you get, what pages they view, and whether they click-to-call or use the website contact form.

Quick Recap

To fully understand your online marketing efforts, you MUST utilize these 3 Google platforms:

  • Google Business
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics

If you are ready to amplify your results, then consider Google Ads, which not only includes Google search but also banner ads, mobile-app ads, & YouTube video ads.

Many clients are overwhelmed when it comes to understanding this, that’s why you can charge a monthly fee to manage, report and generate ideas for improvement!