Start Your Web Design Business & Escape Your Boring Job!

Are you working a 9-5 job that you HATE? Ready to get away from the corporate BS and begin a new career adventure?

Put financial freedom into your hands with web design!

Be the boss and control when and where you work.

That means flexibility, more time with family, plus work you genuinely enjoy.

You have the skills to charge for your services right now.

The #1 barrier to your success is fear of failure…

Instead of freelancing, you take another coding bootcamp.

You don’t know how to get clients, and you aren’t good at selling.

You ask yourself, “How can I compete with cheap competitors?”

All freelancers experience these doubts – myself included.

That’s why I’ve distilled a decade of working with local clients into a training program and community to take you to the next level.


The Step-by-Step Web Design Business Plan Membership to Make Recurring Income

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Ray’s guidance and experience offered in the paid membership has ultimately led me to start my own business.

The resources have greatly helped me to focus my efforts on things that will help my business succeed.

Ray has been great to learn from and is very quick to respond to questions should they arise.

Business Plan Testimonial
T.J. Higgins
Higgins Web Solutions

Go from a beginner with websites to making thousands every year.

Step-by-step guidance on how to position yourself to get the best clients.

Module #1:
Target Your Niche
Module #2:
Competitor Analysis
Module #3:
Build Website Template
Module #4:
Set Sales Goals
Module #5:
Sales Strategy
Module #6:
Website Management
Module #7:
Reputation Management
Module #8:
Advertising Management

  • How you will make $50,000 in 1-year by adding 2 new clients per month
  • A proven strategy to drive traffic to your client websites (and make you more money)
  • Why building websites for ALL business types is a LOSING proposition
  • Why it’s OK to say “no” to one-time work for monthly recurring revenue
  • How to breakdown competitor websites and implement their services
  • Why you MUST pick one WordPress theme and stick with it
  • What it takes to win with sales – even as an introvert
  • The 2 services you MUST-USE after every website launch
  • How to create a Google Ad campaign
  • How to get your clients more online reviews using email marketing

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Ray is a WordPress whiz. Beyond that, he is extremely detail-oriented — he even found a mistake on my homepage I missed!

If you want to learn the business side of web design, go with Ray.

Business Website Plan Testimonial from Laurence
Laurence Bradford
Learn to Code With Me

Monthly Packages

Start with 3 easy to implement service packages.

1-Page “Price Sheet”

The perfect handout for a 1-on-1 meeting with a business owner.

Sales Goals Spreadsheet

Calculate how many clients you need to reach your goal.

10 Business Card Templates

Great for yourself or to design cards for your clients.

Best Book Notes

Get the gold nuggets from my favorite business books.

Other videos, templates, & downloads:

  • Monthly Member Q&A Video
  • 100+ Business Industries
  • 12 Examples of Successful Web Design Companies
  • “Perfect” Client Checklist
  • SEO Basics 101
  • Client Website SEO Audit
  • Business & Life Expenses Spreadsheet
  • Reputation Management Automation Tutorial
  • Email Outreach Scripts
  • 50+ Subject Line Ideas
  • Common Objections Script
  • Lead List Spreadsheet Template
  • Local Business Directory Checklist
  • Sales Letter Template

NEW video tutorials and materials are added monthly within the member area to improve your online marketing toolkit, next up:

  • Order Business Cards!
  • Pre-Built WordPress Child Themes (Divi)
  • Local Link Building Tactics
  • Copywriting Tips & Techniques

Sign-up today to lock-in future updates before the price increases…

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This is a new phase in history where art, science, business and spirit will join together in the pursuit of true wealth

This is PERFECT for you if:

  • You want to supplement your salary with web design
  • You hate your job and are planning an exit strategy
  • You want to start a side-business
  • You want to work from home on your schedule
  • You want clients that provide recurring income
  • You are naturally curious about digital marketing
  • You are a beginner and want a step-by-step blueprint to success
  • You are freelancing but pricing yourself too low
  • You want to improve your process for client management
  • You want to improve your business skills and intuition
  • You run a similar business and want to get a different perspective
  • You have web design clients and want to upsell reputation/ad management
  • You want to build long-term relationships with business owners
  • You want to help local companies that you know get online
  • You are sick and tired of “thinking about it” and ready to “do it”!

This is WRONG for you if:

  • You can’t build a professional website (and don’t want to learn)
  • You don’t invest in self-improvement
  • You aren’t willing to sacrifice time to learn
  • You aren’t interested in online marketing
  • You aren’t interested in business
  • You don’t love websites and the digital world
  • You expect to get rich quick without effort
  • You don’t expect any problems along your journey
  • You don’t envision doing this 1-year from now
  • You don’t keep up to date with new technology and tools

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Don't worry about failure, you only have to be right once

Here’s a sample of emails from business owners…

Solar Panel Installer:

Pool & spa company:


Roofing contractor:

Exterior remodeler:

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Imagine a pipeline of quality leads every week. That is how you will naturally grow your web design business and find your best clients!

Hi there! My name is Ray DelVecchio.

I got my Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering… then decided I didn’t want to work for someone else.

Instead, I pursued my passion for building websites while going broke in the process.

Having gone through that trial-and-error, I want to teach you exactly how to create your web design business from scratch and avoid the critical mistakes I made.

My book on this topic is available exclusively on Amazon.

Create Your Freedom: Become a Local Web Design Guru and Make Money from Home

Click here to view “Create Your Freedom” on

How does the charge appear on my statement?

My company name is D2 Designs and Imprints, LLC and your membership charge(s) will appear on your card statement as: WEBSITEPRO

What do I actually get?

When you create an account, you’ll have private access to 8 training modules with worksheets, a NEW private member forum, over 8 hours of video tutorials and presentations, sales scripts, spreadsheet templates, checklists, and other giveaways – everything you need to start freelancing with confidence!

How often is the membership area updated?

New content is added regularly, including a monthly Q&A. Members are informed of all updates via email and/or the private forum.

Do I have lifetime access?

If you select the Lifetime option, your membership will never expire, and you’ll get ALL future updates! With the Monthly subscription, you have full access as long as you are a member, and you may cancel anytime.

Is this offer risk-free?

Yes, the offer is 100% risk-free. You will have 30-days from the date of purchase to receive a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. No questions asked.

Are there additional costs to start my freelance web design business?

I pay for premium software and services like Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress themes & plugins, etc.

You also must register a domain name and set up web hosting to get online for every website you build.

Your costs will vary, but the starting costs are low (under $1,000).

One good client pays for EVERYTHING. Then the biggest expense is your time, the rest is profit.

The specific details of setting up a business is different in each state/province. You must look into this – I am not a lawyer or accounting professional!

The only thing worse than starting and failing is not starting something

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A website is necessary for any serious business.

Here are the top 7 reasons why:

  1. Get Online Online business is growing every year, and it’s crucial to have a website to get a slice of that pie.
  2. Full-Control You can communicate with your customers in your voice and style, instead of being limited by the always changing world of social media.
  3. Branding Even for small businesses, using a website as the hub of your brand can set you apart from your competitors.
  4. Information 24/7 Customers may do research in the middle of the night or from another time zone. The more info you put on your website, the happier they will be.
  5. Establish Trust You cannot control reviews on sites like Yelp, so highlight your best testimonials to outweigh any negative feedback on 3rd party websites.
  6. Organic Traffic It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you create consistent content and grow your website, you can earn “free” traffic from Google search.
  7. Paid Traffic Why wait for organic traffic? You can launch a campaign and drive paid traffic immediately to your website.

You will make your clients more money by managing their websites and online marketing with care. That’s why they are happy to pay you monthly for years!

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