Web Design Bulletin: Free Photos, Arrested Development, License Verification

Cool Tool, Service or Resource

Pexels Free Stock Photos – https://www.pexels.com/

Getting photos for a client project is a tough task – it’s often the most significant obstacle to launching on time. Pexels allows you to get the job done faster by using free, high-quality stock photos.

Web Design Example

Recurring Developments – https://recurringdevelopments.com/

Do you like the TV show Arrested Development? It’s definitely one of the top 10 comedy series of all-time. Probably in my top 5 with The OfficeCurb Your EnthusiasmSouth Park, & Summer Heights High.

What’s your list?

I bookmarked the website above many years ago and was happy to see it’s still out there to share with you. It can be explained pretty easily – the left column represents storylines, the right column is the episode list, and when you click on a storyline it will draw lines to all the episodes it comes up.

I have no idea how the website is coded, though, in my experience, it’s usually easier than you think when you dig in. Use Google Chrome inspector and be the detective.

How to Find Clients

Here’s one of many reasons that specializing works. When you limit yourself to working with one business type, you’ll go deeper and discover new tips & tricks that only apply to that one industry.

My #1 target is home service contractors. In order to operate, they must be licensed by the state. Each state has a way that you can search out these licenses. Below is an example from Florida:

Florida Business License Verification

I did a quick search for Electrical Contractor licenses and here’s a screenshot of the results:

I would break down this process into 4 steps:

  • Do any custom data processing to copy/paste this into a spreadsheet
  • Filter any non-active licenses
  • Find if they have a website and/or email address available
  • Send out cold emails once I get a large enough list (30-50)

There are so many local websites that are goldmines – they just take some time, planning and research to find.

If you’d like help with that process, get my favorite business tools from the link below.