2 Things Every Web Design Client Wants From You

As I reflect on all the times a client has acknowledged good work on my part, it always comes back to two things:

1) Results

If your client asks their customers how they found them, they’ll know if your services are providing value when they start to hear one of these three basic answers – “the internet”, “Google” or “your website”. Of course, you can track these results using Google Analytics!

2) Activity

When they aren’t seeing results, they are likely to question your value unless you develop a strategy to improve and then implement it, keeping them in the loop during the process.

This is precisely why I prefer a monthly payment structure vs. doing one-time project work. With the comfort of knowing you’ll get paid every month, you’re willing to be creative and go the extra mile to see your client succeed.

As a good rule of thumb, consistently push info their way so they don’t have the chance to question what you’re doing. Most clients don’t have any concept of the work it takes to run a website and then drive traffic to it.

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