Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message

by | Oct 9, 2019

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Michael Masterson & John Forde

Quick Summary

Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message covers the importance of the lead, the first 100-600 words of a sales message. The text explains the necessity of a clear focus that connects with potential customers on both an emotional and logical level.

The authors describe the value of tailoring your message relative to the customer’s knowledge of your brand and product – this is the customer awareness scale.

Based on where the customer falls on that scale, you can explore six types of leads that vary across a spectrum of direct to indirect.

  • Offer
  • Promise
  • Problem-Solution
  • The Big Secret
  • The Proclamation
  • The Story

Each one of these strategies is examined, describing when and where they are best applied. The book also provides historical examples and demonstrates the potential pitfalls that could occur if you don’t utilize them correctly.

The #1 Takeaway

  • Establishing a level of trust with a customer is of the utmost importance. Once someone relates to the brand and message, they are open to becoming a consumer. You need to tap into the consumer’s thought process, which will then allow you to persuade them on how your product will benefit their life.

How to Apply to Your Daily Routine

I now consume advertising from a “behind the curtain” perspective. Before, I understood that an ad was attempting to sell something to me. To a certain degree, I knew they were trying to relate to the potential consumer.

However, with this knowledge at my disposal, I can evaluate their effectiveness in using various techniques.

Furthermore, now I can take a step back to disengage when I read, see, or hear an advertisement.

You can apply these techniques and strategies to your copywriting, and they also translate to other areas of persuasive communication.

Favorite Quotes

What marketers sell is hope.

Those who tell the stories rule the world.

It is the hook that makes a great package – if you involve them there, your chances of success improve incalculably. The more you involve, the more you succeed.

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