Unexpected $500 Bonus from a Web Design Client

An interesting string of events went down that I know you’ll appreciate.

I was installing a private forum on this website for paid members to have discussions so we can all learn from each other.

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While customizing CSS, I got an urgent text at 7 PM from a client that has been with me for years.

He has 5 websites (mixed between his hosting and mine). I’ve designed them all, the only exception is an HTML website that we “cloned” to operate with WordPress and ensure it was mobile-friendly. That was originally created by a freelancer in Italy using Adobe Dreamweaver.

I HATE his hosting company so a while back, we transferred one of his smaller websites away from them to HostGator web hosting, who I’ve trusted for 10 years.

Unfortunately, this website was down for days!

Here’s what happened:

  • He called the WRONG hosting company because he forgot about the web host switch
  • They still reviewed the domain and told him it was probably hacked
  • They told him WordPress is not a secure platform
  • He texted me frantic and worried about his entire business

Given his frame of mind, I immediately looked into the problem and knew they were wrong.

THE PROBLEM: HostGator invoiced him in September and it was unpaid. He recently moved and his billing address change caused his CC to be declined. He gets all notification emails about billing and missed them. No hackers or security flaws. Just a temporarily suspended account.

We got on the phone, paid up, and his website was running within 10 minutes.

Then, unexpectedly, we talked for another 15 minutes about his business and how well things have been going.

He told me to send him an invoice for $500 as a bonus for good work and fixing this issue so quickly!