5 Things I Wish I Knew About Freelancing

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#1) DO NOT Use Freelancing Websites!

  • High competition
  • Mostly one-time work
  • Doesn’t pay well

#2) Attention + Trust > Skills

  • Direct beats indirect
  • Solve their biggest problem
  • People like personal service

#3) Freelancing = Business Tasks

  • Communication, sales, marketing, accounting
  • Managing this complexity takes time

#4) People are Unpredictable

  • Good people can be bad clients
  • Praise you one month, blame you another (middle is true)
  • Emotions can override logic
  • Don’t assume anything

#5) Diversify Your Skills, Upsell Your Clients

  • Invest time & money in education
  • Offer marketing, advertising, video, print materials, apparel
  • Easier than finding new clients
  • Build long-term relationships
  • Test small with your best clients, give them a good deal