How to Stay Organized in Your Freelance Business

by | Mar 10, 2019

Are you an organized person? I took a personality test, and here’s where I’m unique compared to the average male:

  • Orderliness – 93rd Percentile
  • Withdrawl – 93rd Percentile
  • Agreeableness – 82nd Percentile
  • Extraversion – 2nd Percentile
  • Volatility – 1st Percentile

There is so much I could say about these numbers, but they are incredibly accurate.

I react little to good or bad news, I’m introverted and dislike being at large social gatherings. I avoid confrontation when possible. I stay humble and listen to others well, selfishly because I want to learn from you!

I believe my #1 skill is organization.

Messy spaces bring me anxiety and prevent me from doing effective work.

Here’s a funny dichotomy – in order to be effective and push the boundaries, you have to get messy and test things.

The Process:

  1. I get consumed by a project and use my desktop (both computer and physical) as my workspace.
  2. Other things get pushed aside and begin to accumulate.
  3. I feel overwhelmed because of the mess which may include emails to respond to, papers spread everywhere, to-do lists on index cards, random files on my desktop, bills to get to, administrative tasks like accounting.
  4. I spend a day where my only goal is to knock out these tasks, organize the mess, and re-prioritize. I digitize any written notes that are important or schedule to-do’s on Google Calendar.
  5. Repeat.

For me, organizing is oddly therapeutic. I do it willingly to procrastinate more important work, the way others might watch TV. However, it always leads to better results in the days after.

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