Your Friends & Family Will Steal Your Time if You Don’t Protect It!

I’m as guilty of wasting time as anyone. It seems to be a rampant trait of humans who aren’t accomplishing what they want. Simultaneously, we believe we are unlucky because we don’t have enough time.

The reality is the ONLY thing that is fixed between two people is time. You don’t have the same knowledge, you don’t have the same skills, you don’t have the same experiences, you don’t have the same social network, and you haven’t lived the same life.

But you both have 24 hours and 7 days a week.

When you are freelancing and working from home, you’ll notice two things.

1) Scheduling Your Day is Hard

You may overlook the simplicity of going to work and having an itinerary set for you. When you are building a freelance business, you have to be intentional and focused on the right things.

I’ve talked with many of you who feel this overwhelm and don’t know your next move. It’s paralysis by analysis.

Sticking to a schedule has been my toughest obstacle to running a business. It seems that when I schedule too much in advance, I get unexpected client requests, come up with new ideas that redirect my focus or get behind with admin tasks.

I’m still working hard to overcome this weakness.

2) DO NOT Expect Others to Respect Your Time

We’re about to get real. This is by far my biggest pet peeve, despite the fact that I don’t actually allow it to anger me externally… 

When you work from home, your family and friends with jobs think you are available at all times.

Let me give you numerous examples, as recent as just yesterday.

  • You will be asked to watch someone’s baby or dog
  • You will be asked to sign for packages
  • You will be asked to hang out for the cable guy to show up
  • You will be asked to help someone move
  • You will be asked to pick someone up from a trip
  • You will be asked to take someone to the airport
  • You will be asked, “Why don’t you answer your phone when I call?”
  • You will be asked, “Why did it take you 2 hours to respond to my text?”
  • You will be asked, “Can you call me back?” with zero context when you know the conversation will result in zero productivity
  • You will be asked, “Hey, you’re good with websites, can you help me as a friend?” which is code for free
  • You will be asked, “Why didn’t you come to our event?”
  • You will be asked, “Can you mentor me 1-on-1?”

People operate off their own agendas and will put absolutely no consideration or thought into your time demands outside of their request.

They will make you feel guilty for saying “no”.

EXAMPLE: One of my good friends always calls me when he gets out of work. Why? Because he is stuck in traffic and bored. I’ve told him at least 20x to text me because I often do yard work around this time. He still calls. At this point I don’t answer based on principle alone, lol.

They are 100% wrong. And you are not going to convince them they’re wrong. So don’t get mad when they don’t change. Understand you are working with higher order values to find your own path to success.

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