3 Business Quotes Forever Stuck in My Brain

I’m not an inspirational quote guy. I prefer real wisdom that impacts the way I make decisions. The “rah rah” motivation lasts for a few days, and then you settle back into your normal routine.

I am a junky for business books, podcasts, and people. They’ve shaped how I structure my business – and life for that matter.

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I could find 100 short one-liners if I dug into the conversations or chapters read. One of the cool bonuses of the Business Plan Membership is you can download the top Kindle highlights from most of the books listed in the link above to capture these invaluable insights.

There are three that are top-of-mind, and stick out as essential to your long-term success:

1) “I’m willing to go broke for attention. Are you?”

This quote is a hard pill to swallow for the average person. Most folks believe that the key to financial success is possessing world-class skill. In reality, these people fail routinely in business.

Why? The rest of the world doesn’t know who they are.

You only make money through external contribution. The default mindset is if you’re not making money, it’s because you’re not good enough. Then you focus on internal improvement. You need to focus on getting more eyeballs on your existing offer.

A perfect example of this is the client I lost recently (which I wrote about in a previous email) – he’s a contractor who told me he doesn’t use lawn signs. To him, it was a money-saving choice (< $10 per sign).

I knew it was a wasted opportunity to get his name in front of more local residents.

For my business, this translates to investing time (with no financial guarantee) into creating helpful YouTube videos and advertising to expand reach on Google and Facebook.

For you, it could be buying business cards, creating a portfolio website or investing in training to get where you need to be faster than you could alone.

In the beginning, I was terrified to spend ANY money. Today, I’m more selective, yet quick to pull the trigger when I know something is going to help me grow.

2) “People are more hesitant to give you their phone number than their credit card number!”

This quote was on a podcast by a Southern couple, former high school teachers who quit their jobs and now make well over $1 million online selling digital products.

When I first heard this, I hit rewind and listened to it again 3-4x. For people who feel like a fraud when they begin freelancing, this should be your mantra.

While you probably do need to pick up the phone for local freelancing, I find that most successful business owners are hyper-busy and would rather pay you to deal with a problem and let them know when it’s fixed.

3) “We tend to overestimate what we can do in a day, and underestimate what we can do in a month.”

This is from a “virtual mentor” of mine who I’ve followed for years (Tim Ferriss), and it couldn’t be more accurate.

It’s why I had such trouble scheduling my calendar in advance. I would put 10 random things to knock out in one day. All of them take longer than expected. Unexpected things come up. Work gets pushed back. It would all deteriorate, and then I’d start from square one.

It would be best if you did the exact opposite. Schedule less. Leave free time. Only do the most important things while saying no to the “time-wasters”. Plan for the long-haul.

This is sustainable, and you’ll surprise yourself when you begin investing a little each day, instead of having grandiose expectations that die when you burn out.

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