Two Categories of Successful Web Design Clients (& Where They’re Weak)

by | Mar 30, 2021

The biggest misconception I had to overcome was that business success required a brilliant mind.

What you need is a good idea with speed of action.

Focusing your effort inward on learning advanced code/design turns into time-wasting if you cannot find people who need your service.

My successful local clients fall into two categories:

1) Provide a time-consuming service and charge much more than competitors

2) Provide an intellectually simple service (i.e., construction) at a faster pace than competitors

I believe the 2nd category has a higher financial ceiling. Doing simple work means a well-defined process that becomes easy to repeat.

The real eye-opener for me is that NO ONE has it all put together.

Every single client I’ve worked with has some glaring weakness:

Doesn’t manage people well

Works crazy hours

Looking for “easy button” with marketing

Doesn’t have an interest in learning new things

Afraid to take basic risks

Inflated self-confidence

The common thread is they know their customers, have a sales pitch for their #1 service, and understand the urgency of getting new leads.

You can be successful beyond what you currently believe if you are moderately competent.

The sad reality is 99% of the population won’t attempt to take control of their income. I hope that isn’t you.

To freelance either locally or online, you must do these fundamentals well to convert your skills into real money.

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