How Your Strengths Can Be Your Biggest Weakness

I like the saying, “your biggest strength is your biggest weakness.”

It seems counterintuitive, but when you analyze yourself, I bet it’s true.

The reason I decided to work for myself instead of getting a job out of college was that I had little doubt I’d be able to find a service to offer that would be valuable.

Part of my weirdness is in my natural curiosity.

I go DEEP down the rabbit hole of research on all subjects. I’ll search for 500 questions on Google/YouTube in a span of 3 days. Then I like to test what I’m learning.

I’ve done this many times over with websites, business, gardening, golf, cooking, health, homebrewing, etc.

The problem is you need singular focus over a long period to stack a foundation to make consistent money freelancing.

It took me 2-3 years to figure it out for many reasons, all linked back to curiosity.

  • I get sidetracked super easily by new subjects that are purely hobby
  • My instinct is to hyper-focus short-term and burn out
  • I’ve tried to juggle multiple business ideas simultaneously (& failed)
  • Sales prospecting is boring & repetitive
  • I’d spend time learning code instead of looking for clients

Like most, I get trapped in the “passive income” dream. That is, work solely on your life’s passion and eliminate all tedious jobs.

That’s not the way it works – at least in the beginning.

You earn passive income through enormous upfront effort. When you achieve it, if you don’t actively manage your income streams, they can go away quickly.

Start thinking about what sets you apart that will make you succeed, and also build a plan to avoid the pitfalls of your strength.

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