Web Design Bulletin: Business that Launched 5,000 Websites & Best Place for Code Help

Cool Tool, Service or Resource

Stack Overflow – https://stackoverflow.com/

If you have any experience with web development code (Javascript, jQuery, HTML, PHP, CSS), you’ve been to this website. I find solutions to 90% of my problems here.

It goes to show that when you think you’re experiencing a really unique problem, it’s not uncommon. You’ll uncover plenty of people with the same issue.

BONUS LINK: The “Stack Exchange” network of forums has one dedicated to WordPress Development questions. This is useful when you’re digging into the PHP theme files to customize your website and want to learn about WordPress functions.

Web Design Example

Mettrr – https://www.mettrr.com/

This web design & development company boasts they’ve completed 5,000+ websites.

I love everything about this business and we share so many of the same values – they’ve just scaled at a much higher level.

A few things that grab my attention:

  • Dead simple homepage layout built for conversions
  • Top navigation is 100% geared towards conversions
  • Great headline – “We can build a website for you in 48 hours”
  • CTA contrast – all purple buttons lead towards a conversion
  • Monthly & annual packages for recurring income

To top it all off, they mostly work with my target business niche – the home service industry!

How to Find Clients

After finding a web company like Mettrr above, I need to see LIVE websites they’ve built. With Google, I found one for a construction company within seconds.

This is how I establish confidence to deliver a similar website for a local company near me. Let me tell you, their portfolio design is 100X better than the construction template.

Don’t wait until you’re a ninja with websites to find a paying client. Start today.

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