Web Design Bulletin: Speed Up Your Website, Dr. Squatch, Find Old Websites

by | Jul 25, 2019

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Autoptimize – https://wordpress.org/plugins/autoptimize/

Over the weekend, I spent a few hours cleaning up my client websites to speed them up. I’m now getting 1 second load times, down from 3-5 seconds.

I also have a much better process, which I will be sharing soon with a tutorial that goes deeper into the technical steps.

A big part of this process is the WP plugin Autoptimize. It will minify your HTML, CSS, JS, and add “lazy load” functionality to your website images.

Web Design Example

Dr. Squatch Soap Co. – https://drsquatch.com/

While browsing YouTube, I was targeted by this company and watched their full advertisement.

This style of commercial with pure absurdity must have the right mix of comedy and information – and I think they get it right.

It’s working with massive follower numbers across social, Facebook being the largest.

  • Facebook – 380,000 likes
  • Instagram – 313,000 followers
  • YouTube – 54,000 subscribers

On top of that, they use high-quality ingredients, their website is straightforward to navigate (looks hand-coded), and they promote recurring revenue with their orange “Soapscribe” button, nicely contrasting the light color scheme.

Then later in the day, their “remarketing” campaign hit me while I was browsing NFL news…

How to Find Clients

Google is your friend when it comes to finding bad websites. You can get creative using their search filters, and here’s one easy example.

Many older websites or frameworks have an HTML extension on all pages. Almost all small business websites have an about page.

To combine these two facts, search for the following combinations:

[business type] [location] inurl:about.html
[business type] [location] inurl:about-us.html
[business type] [location] inurl:about_us.html

Here is one example result from New Jersey, a flooring company with the copyright year showing 2011.

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