Web Design Bulletin: Reputation Management, NC Chiropractor, Local Signs

Cool Tool, Service or Resource

Check Local SEO Listingshttps://moz.com/local/search

MOZ is one of the biggest and oldest companies in the SEO industry. This tool allows you to check the consistency of listings for a local business.

Once you know where work needs to be done, you can either manually claim these listings or use their yearly service (about $99/year) to push this data to multiple directories for you.

You can sell this as part of a “Reputation Management” package.

Web Design Example

Proactive Chiropractichttps://charlottechironc.com/

This is one of the first sites that appeared on the search “chiropractor near charlotte nc”.

PROS: Well written headline. One-time $39 special to get people in the door as recurring customers. Great contrast on orange CTA buttons. Solid SEO with multiple pages centered around top keywords (car accident, whiplash, neck pain, headache, herniated discs) which will give them a stronger chance to appear for those searches.

CONS: The biggest design flaw I see is when I shrink my browser width to a mobile size. In this case, the full-width background image is small, while the headline text remains large. Because of this, it spills over past the image and you see white text on white background. This could easily be fixed with a few tweaks to HTML/CSS.

How to Find Clients

One thing I do nowadays is taking photos when I see lawn signs or truck wraps of home service companies as I’m driving. Be safe, don’t get into a car accident or else you’ll be searching for a chiropractor!

Then when I get home, I’ll search for them on Google and add contact details to my “lead list” spreadsheet.

I largely ignored these signs when (a) I didn’t work with contractors (b) I lived in someone else’s house and didn’t care about home improvement.

When you are actively looking for them, you might be surprised at how many you find.