Web Design Bulletin: SSL, Park Tool, Find the Money

Cool Tool, Service or Resource

Really Simple SSLhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/

I transitioned all of the websites I manage over to SSL in 2018 and this plugin made it a breeze. It’s a must-use if you are going through this process with your WordPress website!

Web Design Example

Park Tool Companyhttps://www.parktool.com/

I came across this company while fixing a flat tire on my bike. After searching, I found their YouTube channel which caught my eye. Publishing helpful and well produced DIY videos is a great marketing strategy for a bike tool company!

How well is it working? They have 167,000 subscribers and almost 19 MILLION video views.

Their website is equally impressive. It’s a clean, simple and mobile-friendly layout. The blog is integrated nicely with the YouTube videos, and the written tutorials are top-notch.

How to Find Clients

What’s the best way to determine who has the money to pay you? Find businesses that are currently paying for advertising.

A good example is Yelp.com. Do a search for a business type in your area. The first 3 results will be ads.

In my experience with home service contractors, Yelp ads don’t work that well and can be expensive. I’m sure they are more useful for restaurants.

Take note of businesses that are advertising and don’t have many reviews. If they don’t have a great website, let them know their budget may be better spent on improving that.