Web Design Bulletin: Track Google Rankings, Tree Care, Local Publications

Cool Tool, Service or Resource

Google Rank Trackerhttps://serpfox.com/

This tool is an affordable way to track your Google rankings for you or your client’s top search phrases. I recommend that you first install Google Search Console, and see the keywords that trigger your website to appear. Then select the best ones to track with Serpfox. I’ve used it for years – it’s valuable to see how Google rankings fluctuate (whether good or bad) and to consider the root causes.

Web Design Example

Tree Care Marketing Solutionshttps://treecaremarketingsolutions.com/

The other day I was searching for lawn care information about seeding bare spots. The Google results led me to a lawn care service company’s blog. They wrote a phenomenal article. Who built their website (and likely created the article)? The company above.

What I love is they are a perfect example of achieving success through specialization. They ONLY work with tree service or lawn care companies. In turn, they have unique online marketing solutions for the niche. This makes their sales pitch more intriguing to a potential client.

How to Find Clients

Most local convenience stores have a small rack by the entrance with free giveaway pamphlets and guides for various things – home services, travel, weddings, etc. Pick them up from a few stores, and transfer any business contact information into your “lead list” spreadsheet. The picture above is an example that I grabbed a while back.