Web Design Bulletin: Screen Recording, Herbicide Company, Chamber of Commerce

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Camtasia Screen Recordinghttps://www.techsmith.com/video-editor.html

This is the tool behind all my YouTube tutorials. It’s also been useful to communicate with clients remotely.

For instance, one of my clients told me about how his wife’s laptop was running slow, so I hopped on a screencast and recorded a 5-minute video showing a few tips. He LOVED it.

Then recently, I decided to send my clients quarterly video analytics reports, instead of relying on them to interpret a 1-page PDF where they don’t know what they are looking at. Once again, two of my clients immediately called or emailed me and told me how impressed they were.

Web Design Example

Alligare, LLChttp://alligare.com/

One way you can make money online is through referring Amazon products. If someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchase within 24 hours, you get a percentage of EVERYTHING they buy.

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Going through my reports, I saw I made $23 from 1 order which is odd because most affiliate sales generate under $3. It was for an herbicide from the company above.

First, I’m a believer in living an organic and natural lifestyle, so this isn’t my proudest dollar. I have a vegetable garden so I wouldn’t let any weed killing chemical on my property. If you’re thinking about using Round-up… don’t.

However, I’ll give this company props, they have a great looking WordPress website and deal mostly with the industrial market.

One glaring issue: They haven’t transferred from HTTP to HTTPS (SSL).

How to Find Clients

There are so many small or local directories with business listings outside of the big players. One great example is the Chamber of Commerce.

Search Google to find your local chapter, whether it’s organized by county or region. See example below:

Napa Chamber of Commerce (California) Business Directory