Web Design Bulletin: WordPress Code, Real Estate Websites, Local Trade Shows

Cool Tool, Service or Resource

WordPress Code Reference – https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/

In my opinion, the best way to learn WordPress is by “hacking” the PHP theme files each time you want to implement a new feature.

I do this from time-to-time, and the above link is the best resource to lookup a function if you want to understand how it operates.

Web Design Example

Easy Agent PRO – https://www.easyagentpro.com/

I have no idea how I found this website, but it immediately stands out as a success for so many reasons:

  • Great layout, great design, great copywriting
  • They build websites for real estate agents only
  • They collect emails (for marketing)
  • They have over 1,000 clients
  • They offer a website demo
  • They have a podcast
  • They actively blog

Their packages range from $149 / month to $259 / month, and they’ve built-in features specifically for the real estate market.

This was so funny because I had a conversation with a subscriber a month ago (if you’re reading this – hey Tom!) who said he thought real estate agents are a good niche to target.

I think the universe was sending us a message. It’s my obligation to forward it to you – focusing on ONE business type is the best way to stand out as a web designer

How to Find Clients

All industries have trade shows, some of which are for invited guests only. However, many are open to the public.

You can find events like this to drop-in, strike up conversations, and exchange business cards.

Twice a year, I get a postcard (see below) and see digital ads for a home show near me. Usually, the home show website has an exhibitor list.

P.S. Any time you swap business cards, follow up within 48 hours via email, thank them and let them know the next step. This is how you move the sales process along without being too aggressive!