Web Design Bulletin: Keyword Planner, Working with Family, Case Studies

Cool Tool, Service or Resource

Google Ads Keyword Planner – https://ads.google.com/aw/keywordplanner/home

You don’t need to advertise on Google to use this tool. Get an estimate on the search traffic volume for your desired keywords. This is the first step to a good SEO content strategy or search ad campaign.

Web Design Example

Tandem HR – https://tandemhr.com/managing-the-late-employee/

One of my clients works in New Jersey & Pennsylvania, however, he gets traffic to his website from all around the USA through blog posts. Because of this, he likes keeping the blog active with an article each month.

The guy who writes these articles is a friend. Unfortunately, he is constantly late. I’ve had to talk to him about 5x in the past 2 years about this touchy subject.

Is it good to hire friends/family? Too many thoughts to discuss here, lol.

Anyway, it led me to find the article above through Google. I love the simplicity of this web design for an HR company. I would call this a “Seattle Seahawks” color scheme. If you navigate to their homepage, they have a really clear full-width layout with a video background to capture your attention.

How to Find Clients

As shown above, you can BLOG to bring leads to you instead of searching them out.

The MAJOR caveat to this client acquisition method is that it’s passive and therefore not predictable. It takes time to build a good reputation with Google.

Here is one way to attract better prospects, though: write case studies about your best current client(s). When you discuss questions they have asked and your solutions, there’s a good chance other similar businesses are searching for those questions on Google right now.

The more content you have, the better the chance you’ll be found.

Plant the seeds with a little time and effort up front, and you may be greatly rewarded down the road.