Web Design Bulletin: Automate Sales Process, Entertainment Industry, Old-School Reviews

Cool Tool, Service or Resource

Streak CRM – https://www.streak.com/

Every business industry has software that makes your life easier. For web design, you probably have favorites. However, you may not be as familiar with sales tools that will help you make money, such as CRM (customer relationship management) software.

Big companies use professional platforms like Salesforce.

As a freelancer, you can start without any software – a spreadsheet is good enough. The next step up is a freemium CRM that gives you the ability to test before you upgrade.

Stream CRM is the perfect solution because it integrates directly within Gmail and it can perform the most annoying of tasks automatically – sending repetitive sales emails for you!

Web Design Example

WME Entertainment – https://wmeentertainment.com/

One of my favorite comedians is Chris D’Elia. His impression of Eminem recently went viral and even Marshall Mathers himself approved…

Because I like to dig into the business side of any successful person, I looked up the companies Chris works with. One of them is WME, a talent agency.

Their homepage has a cool motion animation with all of their industries. They network with brands around the world. They have a ridiculously impressive list of music and comedy clients. They have an online booking system for people who want to get in touch with their talent. Their website has multiple subdomains and a client login feature.

Overall, I can only imagine how much a project of this magnitude cost. My rough guess is they paid $50,000 to $100,000 to create their website.

How to Find Clients

About 2 years ago I subscribed to a paid publication called Consumers’ Checkbook. I heard about them through a client of mine.

They provide local residents with a list of service providers and mail surveys if you want to leave a review after you use one. It’s basically like a smaller version of Angie’s List that operates in a handful of regions across the USA.

Business owners that pay to be included in Consumers’ Checkbook would be better served to invest that money into online marketing.

They represent a great opportunity for you. The flip side is they’ve likely been pitched dozens of times already and tune out a generic pitch. You need to break through the noise and be different.

It’s why I cannot recommend enough to start freelancing locally – that’s your biggest advantage to build trust quickly and overcome any lack of experience.

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