Will Self Doubt Stop You From Freelancing?

I got a sensitive email from a subscriber who is a complete beginner with websites.

She described a feeling that everyone gets, regardless of your experience.

Our first conversation was about her desire to create an affiliate marketing website to make money online since she is an introvert. 

Within two days, she responded with massive self-doubt:

I bought my domain a month ago, installed 3 WP themes to find an ‘easy’ one to work with, and still have no idea what I’m doing trying to set up my website. I feel like an utter failure. I fell for it and thought setting up a website was easy. Am I that stupid?

It’s hard to describe my thoughts when I read a message like this.

One thing is certain – it drives me to help more people than ever in 2019.

Sadly, this feeling doesn’t stop once you master WordPress or design.

I got an identical email from a member who is looking for his first paid client.  He felt like a failure with business. At every step, the doubt creeps in, and the self-talk becomes negative.

This anxiety brings about your fight or flight response.

Too many people choose the easy route, and they give up.

Don’t allow yourself to do this. Push through your next barrier, which I’m convinced is 90% mental. Momentum wins and you will eventually create the snowball effect.

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